To print the PDF plans to scale please ensure that you have turned off "shrink to fit" (or similar) in your PDF viewer. While strenuous efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of these plans, if you're show depends on something fitting to the nearest nanometre, you are advised to visit the theatre with a tape-measure!

Not yet re-converted following recent updates:

Plan history

The plan has been maintained by Eddy Langley in electronic form since 2001. For historic interest plans of the theatre pre-redevelopment (2001), mid-redevelopment (2005) and prior to the bridge installation (2018) are available.

March 2019

Updated for 2018 re-development:

October 2015

Corrected notes on rotated plans to match main plan (Auditorium rake is 1 in 5.5, 1 in 3.3). Added lx plan with control and dimming notes.

February 2014

Appended plan of ADC dance floor to PDFs; all other drawings are unchanged.

July 2013

Plan, rotated plan and section all generated from the CAD model. All now in one PDF file. Numerous updates:

February 2012

Finally got the plan generated from the CAD model. One or two gremlins but now much easier to maintain. Some re-surveying may be needed over Easter.

April 2011 update

Renumber hemps. Cropped top rows of pixels from image to make PDFing at correct scale less of a fight!

January 2010 update

January 2009 update

2007 Update

2005 Update

2001 Update

1994 Update

Re-surveyed and re-drawn by GJ Irvine, FW Heine and TA Hilton

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